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Practical, Professional, and People-focused training for individuals and teams

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    Who we are.

    Global Voice Associates is a woman-owned organization committed to training and equipping individuals and businesses for growth and philanthropic leadership.

    Our Company’s History

     Global Voice Associates started out in 2011 as a platform for community outreach and advocacy. However, the dream expanded a few years later when we noticed a cogent need among individuals and teams seeking growth, expansion, and better collaboration. Individuals and businesses wanted improvement, but they couldn’t access the right training, resources, and strategies to achieve their aim.

    For this reason, we repurposed our mission to provide practical, professional, and people-focused training, workshops, and tools for individuals and organizations to reach their goals for growth and development. Our target clients are vision-oriented individuals and organizations of all sizes seeking innovative training, solutions, and assessment tools for empowerment.

    What we do.

    • Leadership training sessions led by experts
    • Business consulting services to grow effective teams and create innovative strategies to solve diverse business challenges.
    • Diversity workshops and philanthropic development programs
    • Tools, resources, and strategies for personal and professional growth

    About Us

    Do you want to build a stronger team? Are you looking for ways to develop your leadership skills, unleash innovation and boost productivity? Do you need a solution for employee turnover and team morale? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Global Voice & Associates is the premiere training firm for you!

    Since 2011, we have provided facilitation and training solutions for organizations and individuals in order to educate, equip, and elevate them to their developmental goals. Using Everything DISC, we empower organizations to overcome workplace challenges and effect positive change across the entire organization. We demonstrate our values of passion and service through relationship-building and goal setting with our clients.

    Whether you know exactly what you want or are just starting to explore, The Global Voice & Associates will collaborate with you to develop a customized, interactive training solution that your team will love!

    Angel Duncan, PhD founded The Global Voice & Associates in 2011. Dr. Duncan is an accomplished entrepreneur, business instructor, leadership trainer, author, and mentor. With over 20 years of experience in progressive multidisciplinary leadership, consulting, and academic leadership in corporate Human Resources, Business Management, staffing, recruitment, and training, Dr. Duncan has garnered the best knowledge and experience in leadership and business development to help her clients succeed.

    Passionate about helping people grow and thrive in different areas of their lives, Dr. Duncan has conducted the best-customized training for individuals and businesses in the past years. She specializes in cultural diversity, performance and rewards systems, employee relations, retention, and student services. She’s also an expert in organizational effectiveness, strategic business management, non-profit business management, change management, and management information systems. This gives her deep insights into all areas of business management, personal development, and career growth.

    Dr. Duncan has held leadership posts and delivered training within corporate, academic, and non-profit sectors. She is a DE&I in the Workplace facilitator, Certified Contract Trainer for Leadership, and an Everything DISC Authorized Partner. Her past and current positions in these fields give her hands-on experience in corporate, academic, and leadership affairs.

    Dr. Duncan holds a Bachelors in Business Administration, Masters in Business Management, Masters in Ministry, and a Ph.D. in Human Services specializing in Nonprofit Management and Agency Development. Her visionary perspective has led her to establish successful mentorship programs, including HOPE Project61 Inc. She’s also an ordained pastor along with her husband at The Body Church in Atlanta, GA.

    When Dr. Duncan is not planning mentorship programs or trainings, she’s enjoying time with her family and giving back to society in every other way she can.

    Why Choose Global Voice Associates?


    We provide interactive training you can apply to your learning instantly to achieve optimal results in no time.


    We offer consulting and mentorship services based on our business and nonprofit expertise to help our clients succeed.


    We are passionate about giving back to our community. This is why we focus on providing value–volunteering, serving, and offering a percentage of our proceeds to support local nonprofits and scholarship funds.

    Learn about how we can help you improve your life with our new book!

    This book encompasses the themes of leadership, worship, relationship, mentorship, apprenticeship, friendship, partnership, fellowship, and hardship. 

    Why you want to work with us.

    The Global Voice Associate Advantage stands out from its counterparts by delivering a unique training experience to individuals and businesses. Every workshop, training, book, tool, and resource provided is designed to engage our clients. Rather than boring, complex programs, our training is interactive, practical, and specific to your needs. The hands-on training provided makes our program super effective. You’ll find yourself applying what you’ve learned in real-life situations and achieving desired outcomes.

    Training is never a one-size-fits-all at Global Voice Associates. Resources, tools, and programs are tailored to your individual need.

    We will be with you all the way, supplying you with the tips, resources, and training required to achieve your goals.